The History of Jolly's Drive-In Root Beer Stand

Roy (Jolly) and his wife Vivian Jolivette along with their daughter Colette (Jolivette) Hassinger came from Wisconsin to start an A&W restaurant.  Jolly's brother Vinny Jolivette had already started one in Hamilton and told Jolly he needs to do the same.  So in 1947 Jolly bought the property on St Rt 18, then known as Findlay Road, and had an A&W built.  There wasn't much out here in Tiffin at that time but things eventually started to build up.

In 1958 Vivian died and that left Colette and Jolly with Colette's husband, Dad, Gene Hassinger to carry on. Mom and Dad had 4 children, David, Derek, Diane and Deidre.  Mom and Dad bought the business from Jolly around 1975 and built a new root beer stand, which is the current Jolly’s Drive-In. The old one was moved behind the house on the property and is being used as a flower shed by current owner Diane.

In Feb of 1980 Jolly sadly passed away. A few months later on July 4, 1980 Colette passed as well. Gene and Diane along with the help of their brother Derek took over the running of Jolly's. 

Gene and Diane’s dad started a Jolly's in Fremont and Diane is current owner of Jolly’s in Tiffin. She manages Jolly's on her own and her brother Derek helps out on certain days with maintaining the equipment. Her sister helps out when she can as do all three of Diane’s children. Some of the family stops in and when it’s busy, they get roped into working.  (Which is probably why they don't stop by much!) 

Jolly’s recently had a reunion for is 55th Anniversary and is currently celebrating its 68th year of operation.

So if you ever find yourself in Tiffin, Ohio, remember to stop by Jolly’s Drive-In. We’ll have a frosty mug of fresh root beer waiting for you!